With over twenty five years experience as an attorney at law, our principal, Katsumi Nakashima, has a wide knowledge and back ground in many areas of law.  Prior to founding Nakashima Law Office in 2000, he practiced at prestigious international law firms.  During such period, he worked with Mr T. Mark Halpern as colleague at the same international firms for eight years and thereafter had shared offices with Mr Halpern for nineteen years.


License and  Work Experience in Law                 法曹資格及び経歴

1988    Bachelor of Laws, Keio University    慶應義塾大学法学部法律学科 卒業
1991    Passing bar exam (at 24 years old)   司法試験合格・早稲田大学大学院中退
1993    Qualified as attorney at law in Japan   弁護士登録 (第一東京弁護士会)
1993-1996 Nishimura & Sanada Law Firm, Tokyo  西村眞田(現・西村あさひ)法律事務所
1996-2000 Law Office of Aiba & Partners, Tokyo   饗場総合法律事務所(東京・八重洲)
2000    Establishment of Nakashima Law Office 中島法律事務所(東京・東銀座)設立
2001-2020 Sharing office space with Mark Halpern  ハルパン外国法事務弁護士と事務所共同